Hard Day’s Night


Good morning!  See how cheery I can be on practically no sleep?!  I have been waging a war on insomnia for about two years and I’m ready to shake hands and call it quits.  Not QUITS, but quits, like, you, Insomnia Monster, have won.  I have tried just about everything and now I’m working on a program to re-train myself to sleep.  I listen to the calm voice telling me everything I should do to make myself ready to sleep and to detach myself from all thoughts and feelings.  Then I turn on the meditation app and get started.  

This is Abigail’s cue (cat in a box) to start caterwauling downstairs because she’s alone and wants me to come down and carry her upstairs.  Of course, being one of the three original Strawbridge Cats, she’s older and doesn’t think she is capable of the big jump up to the bed.  More meowing.  She paws at me for attention and finally moves on to give Jillie her nightly massage and face washing.  Then it’s Atticus’ turn (tuxedo) as he jumps up purring gently and begins whapping me with his big white paw.  He has to be petted several times from head to tail and then curls up next to me; sometimes on me.  Next comes Elsie, (yellowish) who has  recently decided to join the other two and, between the very loud purrs of Abigail and Elsie, it’s difficult to hear the pleasant voice telling me to breathe.  I am trying to breathe, dammit, but I’m having trouble detaching myself from the cats who have napped all day and are ready for quality time.  I have paused the meditation so many times by now that I decide to start all over.  Okay.  Yes, the infuser is still on and the scent of lavender is wonderful.  My bed is comfortable, the room is cool but not chilly.  Breathe.  Wait, I have to go to the bathroom.  Pause.  Abigail and Atticus follow.  We have to get settled in again.  Okay, let’s try this again.   Come on Strawbridge Cats, breathe!!!!!  Move over gang; I think I’m going to take a cat nap.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz





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