The Itsy Bitsy Dog


I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family (drum roll, please!), Penelope!  But I call her the peanut and she doesn’t seen to mind.

After Hannah died, my heart was shattered and I couldn’t even imagine having another dog.  I bought her from one of the top Dalmatian breeders in the country, she was only 1.5 years old, full of life and just wonderful and it wasn’t suppose to happen.   But the Copper Storage Disease hit her hard and fast and that was it.  I couldn’t imagine going through another death.  Then, Andrea, Matthew’s to be, started asking about getting a puppy.  I said absolutely not, it is too soon, I can’t, I won’t, putting my foot down.  But she began looking at the shelters in our area and saw the peanut was being fostered by a couple in San Antonio.  They picked her up from the shelter on the day she was scheduled to be euthanized (death row).  They had her six months and she got along well with their two small children and larger dog.  She showed me the photo.  Ohmygerd!  But she wasn’t a Dalmatian and it was too early, and when did you say they could bring her over to meet us?!

They listed her as part terrier and part chee-wah-wah, but the hair is definitely terrier and WILD!!  She has a tuft on top of her head that either sticks straight up, aka Mr. T, or this morning was in a little curl.  She has a Fu Manchu mustache and wiry hair like a Jack Russell that stands up in various places on her body.  She is just too doggone cute!!  She has lived with us a week.  What?  You didn’t think I could turn her away, did you?!

She and Jillie are doing fine together, she’s wary of Matthew, and she and the cats pretty much ignore each other.  Until the first of June when Jaryd gets out of school and they move into the house, it looks like she’s my little peanut and we’re becoming great pals.

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