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The Strawbridges are not a cowboy people.  When this photo was taken, we were visiting a friend this summer who has horses and thought it would be fun to give it a whirl and it definitely was.  But now that we are in Texas, don’t expect a lot of these horse and Strawbridge candid photos; no, I don’t have boots and a hat yet either.

I was thinking, on this rainy day, that I have written about some of my family, and I think you know who Matthew is, but I want to introduce you to my favorite (only) son.  March 26, 1982, was the best day of my life, and I’ve had some pretty good days.  But, oh, man, this was a great day!  I had been married briefly before Paul found me and swept me off my feet.  Because I had tried to get pregnant before, I assumed something was wrong and it wasn’t meant to be.  He was conceived after a James Taylor concert…how cool is that!?…Sweet Baby James and Sweet Baby Matthew…and our lives were forever changed.  Mom died when he was two, complications of multiple sclerosis, and my mother-in-law stepped in to help this first time mom.  I was  lucky to be able to stop working for a little over a year and stay home with him.  Paul had his first teaching job and we moved away from Jonesboro during that time.  When my old job became available and the boss asked me to come back, we returned and Lucille <mil> was the best Grandmother ever.  While he was a baby, she came to our house every weekday and as he toddlerized, I took him to Grandmother’s.  He absolutely adored her.  She was a bird lover, a gardener, a kind woman and a woman who was always reading and never stopped learning.  She shared her heart and these gifts with Matthew and me and after Granddaddy died, she even learned to drive a car and they were mobile and had many adventures.  In the summers, Paul’s older sisters would drive from Michigan to get Grandmother and Matthew and take them back to visit, but along the way, they stopped at museums of every kind and a favorite stop of his was the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  

He grew to be a little boy, teenager and young man that Paul and I were/are so proud of.  He followed in his Dad’s footsteps and played trombone in band through high school and music was his major in college, but he has taken graduate psychology courses as well.  He’s applying for nursing school and I know he will excel.  He works at a rehab facility and is a favorite there.  It’s that kind Strawbridge heart.


When I’m asked about where I’ll be living in the Lone Star State and answer in a big house with Matthew, Andrea and Jaryd, I sometimes get that question mark look.  Matthew and Andrea asked me to move here first before I even considered it.  After spending two months in San Marcos sine last winter, I found that I really liked the area and decided, why not!  I am happy and feel more content than I have in a long time, and it’s because of them.  They made my birthday last week a whopper and I knew as we sat at the table having birthday lunch with Matthew, Andrea and her parents, I was in the right place.


He loves Jaryd, Andrea’s nine year old son, and Jaryd loves him.  Did I mention, Matthew will even go with me to yarn shops?!  Keeper!!

This is just a peek at how cool, kind, smart, interesting and fun my son is to be around.  I am so grateful to have him in my life.  I love my Boo Boo Bear (don’t tell him I said that boo boo bear part, please)!


Random, yes


I have spent the last few days thinking of things I should/could write about, but I can’t seem to get this brain to cooperate cohesively.  The random thoughts are like a slide projector with a few seconds before each new thought pops up.  So I will warn you now, this is going to be a random ride.

Maybe my brain took its leave while  loading that last truck of belongings to bring to Texas and saying goodbye to our home of 31 years.  That was a real tear jerker, let me tell you.  The day we were leaving, the purple iris was in full bloom; I hope Iris likes it here as much as Rose does.  Here is where I was going to insert a cool picture of Rose, but it was too big.  Imagine a big, red blooming rose, please.

Maybe it was Matthew and I catching wicked colds after battling the weather when we left Texas and again as we tried to get everything in the storage unit.  Maybe the #$%^@ storage unit caused my brain to go on strike because it was closed (storage place; not my brain) and the security code wouldn’t work…never fear, a nice young man came by to get something and his top secret code wouldn’t work either; so he wiggled under the fence.  That was much better than Matthew’s idea of driving the U-Haul through the gate.  Makes me wonder about security though.  But wouldn’t that have made a great photo to put here of Matthew plowing through?

Maybe it’s the excitement of having our last walk through of our home in New Braunfels tomorrow!!!  Yes, our.  It’s a big honking house and we:  me, Matthew, Andrea, Jaryd, Jillie, Hannah, Atticus, Abigail, Elsie, Nessie and Ogopogo are buying a house!  Did I mention it has a hot tub?!  We get the keys on Thursday!  Here are my boys:

I am so lucky!  Jaryd said he was giving me 20,000 hugs when we got back…we’re almost there.

Sleeping on a futon in the living room of Matthew’s apartment with Jillie since before Thanksgiving is wearing thin.  I love her so much, but, Jillie, please, must you sleep in the middle?  I will insert photo next of us so you can see just what I mean.  Atticus the Catticus does sleep on top of me most nights and Abigail was at the foot probably.  And, yes, I did hand stitch that quilt!


Looks cozier than it is, and yes, it is by the front door; so every time someone goes in or out, locks their car…or really anything…the girls are on high alert.  I don’t think apartment dwellers sleep at night.  I am not made for apartment dwelling.

Next week I will go back to Arkansas, flying this time because 12 hours down and 12 hours back by myself is way too much me time.  I will see friends and family I wasn’t able to get to last time, go for my first cancer checkup after the summer’s radiation treatment and spend time with my Dad.  The anniversary of Paul’s death is also next week and, really, I think this paragraph is what is causing my thoughts to be screwy and memory to be out of whack.  But, after this trip, my year of firsts will be over.  I made it through birthdays, holidays, packing and giving away stuff, and going back to oncologist.  Whatever happens next will happen and I’m going to do my best to laugh through it all.

Lastly, because I know you are dying to know, I will tell you I am still on my crusade to change the minds of the masses and get all doggy poop scooped!  I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.  What is happening in this country now with dog poop; especially at apartment buildings, is outrageous!


Thanks for reading my ramblings…..