Happenstance and Heroes


I met the most incredible young man last week.  Moving brings with it a list of things that must be done that seems endless.   I had to call the internet and cable companies to schedule cancellation of my services. I called cable because it was the first number I found.  David was the customer service person who just happened to answer my call, and  I was so glad he did,  He started asking me questions…oh, you really are making a move, he said.  Yes, and I explained.  I asked where he was…Los Angeles.  He was a Marine, but decided to leave it after eight years and California was where he landed and thought he would give it a try.  He said the weather is nice all the time, but….  I said it seems like it would be a bit artificial and he agreed and said he misses the changing seasons and his family in South Carolina.  He told me he had made the decision to move back home in March and work with his Dad in their lumber business.  

Then the reason for my call…yes, he said it could be disconnected a week from Monday…and I remarked, wonderful!  Matthew and I can watch The Walking Dead Sunday night!  He said he had never gotten into it, but his nephew back home, who calls him every other day, loves it.  Evidently, something having to do with the show is done there, and I said you have to take him back something!!  I could feel him smiling on the phone!  He is flying his nephew to LA in January to go to a Walking Dead convention/thingie!  I told him that is so cool!!  Again, I could feel the smile!

I forgot to mention that David’s youngest brother, his nephew’s Dad, had died of a heart attack.  David is this young man’s best buddy and stepped up to the plate and is there for him after the loss of his Dad.  Yeah, pretty cool guy.

We finished my business, he told me NOOOOO, I don’t have to get on the roof to take the dish down! and before we said goodbye and I wished him all the best and to have a blast in January, he said the sweetest and kindest thing to me.  He said he could tell by my voice, personality and attitude that everything will be just fine.  How can I argue with my new friend, the veteran who, in my mind, is a super hero?


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