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My story is not unique.  Things happen, changes are or have to be made, and if you are lucky, you go with it.  That is what I’m doing, what I’ve been trying to do.  Matthew (my favorite and only son) and Andrea (soon to be wife) started encouraging me this summer while I was with them in Texas to move down there.  To be closer to my family.  I still have my 81 year old Dad to consider who is in the early+ stages of dementia.  My brother, Mickey, and I think that Dad, who doesn’t need to be living alone, should move to Little Rock, closer to Mickey and Rita and all the grandkids and great grandkids.  But this is a man who doesn’t like to get out of his safe zone and I know it isn’t going to be easy.  He has assured me it will be okay.  

Then there is the house that I/we’ve lived in since 1984.  I lucked out on my realtor, he is a sweetheart and he knows I don’t know diddly about any of this.  We inherited the house from Paul’s Grandmother; so I have never bought or sold a house before and never thought I would be doing so, or at least not making these decisions, without Paul.  There is a more than likely buyer and I have to get it all packed and ready to be out by, probably, the third week of November.

You accumulate a lot of stuff; even though I have been making regular trips to the Veteran’s Drop Box, Goodwill and the City Landfill (lost 450 pounds of attic accumulation that day).  My kitchen is full of vintage Fiesta and Lusterware from the 1940’s that Paul and I collected over our 32 years together.  The bookshelves are packed, the cds took up one whole room and I haven’t even begun to go through the albums.  I worked in the College of Fine Arts for 35 years and my walls are full of paintings, prints and photographs; each with a story of where and when we got it and why we thought it needed to come home with us. 

Carolyn, my lifesaving friend, came over today and, instead of getting her doctorate in music history, should be getting it in organization.  She says we can do this and I believe her.  🙂  She made a list and a schedule of packing for me for the week and got me on track.  🙂  I needed that!, I needed someone to smack me and give me some direction!

I can’t buy a house til I sell mine; so the plan is to move us (me, Jillie, Hannah, Atticus and Abigail) to Matthew’s apartment, rent a storage place and get busy looking.  It will be a fun adventure once I get everything down there.

It’s looking a little wHierd, the empty cabinets, closets and overall mess, but progress is being made and that is good.


To be continued….

Chance meetings


The plane was running late to leave Albany and I began to worry that we wouldn’t make our connection in Atlanta on time.  It was getting late. Finally we were allowed on the plane where we sat for what seemed too long.  I was by the window.

Then a young man came and sat by me and he seemed a bit anxious, fussing with his watch, his glasses.  He was neatly dressed and very polite, and soon, we began our two hour trek through the night sky.  Evan was headed to Fort Benning for training.  I asked how he’d made the decision and he said he’d been thinking about it for two years; he wants to work in the field of Intelligence.  We were soon watching the dark clouds go by and talking about many things including dogs…they had lost theirs recently and he wanted to know how you decide to get another.  I told him the ones who had passed will forever be in my heart and memory, but I can’t imagine my life without dogs.  He also confided that his Mom had just begun radiation treatment for breast cancer and I told him about my recent experience and answered his questions.  We laughed and talked about the places he could visit when he is given some time off and can rent a car.  New Orleans was at the top of his list.

It was nice and I felt like we made a connection in that two hours.  We wished each other well and said our goodbyes.  I hope Evan from Albany has a good life.

The Sandman


I’ve been having some trouble sleeping, and when Jillie woke up early this morning to go outside, it took a while for The Sandman….


to let me doze off again.  So I began thinking about dreams.

I don’t remember them often, but when I do, I sense they are like a Technicolor movie.  Dreaming with special effects and computer generated characters just isn’t my thing.  

The dreams I love the most are the ones where you awake and it’s so real you feel you’re still there.  You are in THAT place, the room, the smells <like Grandma Nellie’s kitchen) and you are that age again.  That person you miss so deeply is still there, that fun time with family or friends is still happening….history has come alive.  

Nightmares, eh, I don’t like so much and The Sandman has been letting those in my noggin more lately than the dreamy dreams.  But, I have hope those have about run their course and I can get back to those good dreams; waking up happy and ready for anything!