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New Memories, New Adventures and New Normal


This year has been a doozy, but we’re determined to make new memories, have new adventures and find our new normal.

11235280_1006799506037472_7789261498056577297_nAs soon as my radiation treatment for breast cancer was over (and, yes, I did take two dozen donuts to the kind people who had been taking care of me every day for 33 days!), Matthew flew to Arkansas.  He was only able to stay a couple of days this time because we had tickets to go to a very important concert; one that Paul would have loved, Elvis Costello and Steely Dan (new memories).

IMG_1252 IMG_1256
We loaded the Little Red Beetle and headed farther south.  (Hannah stayed with Aunt Kim because Matthew lives in an apartment that doesn’t know he has three cats instead of one AND Hannah likes to talk to the animals kind of Dr. Dolittle style but with a lot more wooooo, wooooo, woooooing.   In other words, she likes to bark at the cats and see if she can get a reaction.  We also have several things we want to do while I’m here (new adventures) and leaving her behind in the apartment in a crate didn’t leave much time for exploration.  Jillie likes to go, but is also quite content to snooze on the couch and wait patiently for our return.  Hannah hasn’t developed that patience thing yet.  As you can see below, she is having a good vacation, and even sleeping with one Kim’s cats!
There is only one temperature that I can tell in Texas.  HOT.  It’s always hot; no matter what time of the day or night, and I think it crispy fries the mosgotoes!
We have spent some time in Austin and the sidewalks and streets seem to send hot air up at you like a floor heating vent and, even at night, I just know they’re still sucking heat in from the sun.  One day, I feel sure, they are going to have enough solar energy to rear up and say, “It’s hot as hell, and we aren’t going to take it any more!!”  Please use your imagination to decide what happens after that.  Every plant has stickers on it; few have flowers blooming.  It’s as if it would take too much energy to pop out a little bud.  I don’t know, Matthew has suggested I move to Texas, but I’m thinking…nope.
We’ve spent a lot of time at the San Marcos River walking the trail.  It’s just so beautiful and there are so many nice people out walking their dogs and kids.  An elderly man we see almost every morning listens to music and sings along as he walks,  but always has time for a beautiful smile, wave and good morning. (Note to self:  ask nice man if I can take his photo.)
IMG_1264 IMG_1276
Matthew and I did something the other day we had talked about a lot.  We took the gun Paul used to end his life and changed ours forever and drove out in the country to land a friend owns and sledge hammered it to pieces.  Damn, that felt good!  Monday, we’re heading to the Gulf and the pieces will be unceremoniously dropped in the water to rust and never hurt another living soul.  (trying to get to new normal)
I will be here for a couple or more weeks, and we have lots of other adventures planned.  Did I tell you Matthew is in a relationship?  Yes, and I like her!  She and her eight year old son have spent a good deal of time with me, and I’m liking this!  More than anything in this world, I want him to be happy.
In the meantime, Jillie and I are catching up on some much needed zzzs so we’ll be ready for our next adventure!
Thank you for letting us share our story!