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Road Tripping With Cyclone Hannah


IMG_0540 IMG_0541

Jillie and Hannah waiting their turn at rest stop….

I know many of you travel with your dogs on a regular basis; I do too, but usually more locally. We just got home from visiting son, Matthew, and I have a few observations.

  • Road tripping with a puppy is much like road tripping with a two-year old child. Packing a crate is involved, as are baby gates, puppy food, dog food, bowls, leashes, retractable leashes (Jillie won’t potty on command on a short leash), treats, toys, chews, and, yes, the soft ginormous teal blue bean bag chair that is the best dog bed and toy ever.
  • A puppy can sleep for many hours while traveling; unlike at home where they seem to have an electrical charge running through their body that jolts them into action-packed play mode at any given ten minute interval.
  • Getting out to appropriately eliminate (yes, the vet used that term in regard to Atticus the Catticus) in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, is not a good idea. A little patch of grass turned into an obstacle course of burrs that left Baby Hannah crying and me picking burrs out of her feet, my shoes and then my fingers. Upon arrival, said puppy thought all grassy areas were going to hurt her and refused to walk in the grass. Yes, that made appropriate elimination tricky, but because puppies eat and eat and wanna eat some more, a few treats and she was okay.
  • Atticus, Abigail and Elsie have gotten their bluff in on the little one, but Matthew has two cats and they weren’t having anything to do with this spotted creature.  She barked, AAAaaarrrRRRoooooOOOO, and came home with two small cat scratches on her nose. Lesson learned. Cats have sticky parts like some grass.
  • Anyone who adopts a puppy and has to get down a flight of stairs at the butt crack of dawn to let the puppy do what I mentioned earlier, has my deepest admiration. I had to grab my glasses, the pup, robe, get down the stairs, over the baby gate, leash her and get out the door before it was too late. You win some and you lose some.
  • If you live in an apartment and are house training a puppy and have to leash and run out every time the pup looks at the door, you are awesome. I am spoiled by my backyard and being able to let Jillie and Hannah out without getting dressed for a walk with a leash. Puppies pee a lot.

We made it home fine and had a wonderful time. Matthew hadn’t gotten to come home for Thanksgiving as planned; so he met the Cyclone for the first time. They hit it off beautifully and that made me happy.

There’s just something about seeing her flying across the room to land on the bean bag chair with Jillie not far behind that makes us laugh, and watching she and Jillie play is truly a miracle. At six, Jillie spent her first four years in a crate and never learned to play or got to be a puppy. The change in her is just astounding.  Hannah Pants is teaching Jillie Bean what it means to be a puppy and Jillie, in return, is teaching her sometimes you need to chill. Hannah likes to cuddle and prefers sleeping under the covers; making lots of little grunting and groaning sounds as she gets her little body all settled in. She has never met a stranger and is curious about everything. She is fascinated by airplanes flying over and sits to watch until they are out of sight.  I am so glad we got her and I think the feeing is mutual.  🙂


So even though every day is a new adventure with this almost five-month old puppy dog, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.