Monthly Archives: October 2014

Serenity Now!


We’ve lived in our house for 30 plus years, and I finally have the screened porch that I’ve always wanted.  I haven’t decided if I want to paint it or leave it natural, but it’s treated wood and doesn’t have to be done now.  It’s perfect!

IMG_0263back door

I finished resurfacing the table that came somewhere from the depths of Dad’s storage building, have extra absorbent doggy rugs by back door and screen door and my antique bottle collection on the shelves that line the area around the top.  I found a solution for hiding the electric meter that had to be included in the room, as well as the big outdoor outlet and the perfect shelf for the bird house lovingly made by a friend especially for me and my water fountain.  Cool beans, I say.


I’m spending a lot of time out there, read the book, “The Pecan Man,” – excellent, btw, and am finding my space the little bit of nature and peace I needed. Have made amends with the squirrel that was angry with me by moving the bird feeder to a place he/she likes better and now he’s visible from the porch as well as the kitchen window ledge. I touched the window from the inside yesterday and the little guy touched the screen from the outside. I’m not quite sure what that means…..did I join a squirrel cult??! I don’t know, but it felt right.


The birds are coming in droves, but the hummingbirds have moved on. A Downy Woodpecker has been keeping me company on a daily basis. Jillie and I have been having our herbal tea in the morning before daylight and the rain on the tin roof is wonderful.  Will add a glider or something in the spring, but for now, we’re enjoying the soft bean bag chair.The summer heat has finally morphed into the chill of fall and leaves are coming down all around us.


I’ve been going to physical therapy this month for pain in the neck, but I think sitting on my back porch has been more therapeutic than I could have imagined. I don’t live on a farm, have chickens, pigs, cattle and don’t have long trails in the woods or a beach. Those are places I love to visit. But I do have my little piece of Mother Nature now in my own back yard.   Ahhhhhhhh.  Peace.