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Sophie Tucker


Tell us a story Jack and so Jack began…  NO, wait, that is a story Bob has used over and over on the grandkids and great grandkids and we all still crack up and wait for him to tell it again!  See, my random brain gets started and I’m switching gears and talking about one thing, but eventually make my way back.  So anyway…

Have you ever walked into your house and wondered if you had entered the wrong home or aliens had invaded and played a very not funny practical joke?  I did.

In elementary school, Matthew’s class adopted a needy family and we had everything we needed except one item.  I was already off for break from the university and enjoying my time with J. T., our older Dalmatian, and our puppy, Sophie Tucker.  J. T. was deaf and we had never had a problem with him and he was never crated, but Sophie Tucker, I didn’t trust.  But, and this is a big but, they were both sound asleep; taking their early afternoon catnaps.  I was only going to be gone five minutes…they wouldn’t even notice I was gone.  I think you can tell where this is going.

Returning, I unlocked the door, took one step in and there it was.  Maximum. Doggy. Chaos.  J. T. wasn’t talking; so this account is entirely speculation.  Sophie Tucker woke up, saw they were finally alone and she was FREE! and the wheels started turning and the next thing she knew,  she was napping again, someone was in the door screaming, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?! and what’s the big deal anyway?  There were torn up newspapers and toilet paper all over the kitchen, all over the living room and that would not have been too bad, but at some point she had to poo, oh and pee and she did them both everywhere!!!  I needed to leave, I had to get in that danged line at school to pick up Matthew and I had to get this cleaned up and, oh my, look at this mess, and I am never going to make it on time.  What an idiot, I knew better than to leave her out.  Okay, toilet paper on the floor, poop on the floor, pick up he poop with the tp and flush it in the toilet.  Stop right there.  This is where the panic truly begins.  The toilet backed up and now I had water, poo, pee, newspapers and toilet paper everywhere!  And, yes, the pups were unimpressed by my rapidly moving body and cries and continued with their nap.  I did get the toilet plunged, papers picked up, floors cleaned and my son picked up on time, and learned a very valuable lesson.  Just because one dog, J. T., is not trouble, does not mean another dog, Sophie Tucker, won’t be.  Be safe…crate!

Scan 133170001-1

At the time of this misadventure, my mode of transportation was my Buggy.  Photo is J. T. taking Sophie Tucker out for a spin.  🙂

Bob and Stella


The day of Grandma’s funeral, Bob and I were sitting together holding hands; neither talking much.   We couldn’t imagine our lives without that redhead.  I asked Bob if he remembered the first time he saw Grandma and he turned to me with the biggest smile and happiest eyes.  I will never forget that look.  He said, “yes I do.  We had just docked in Kansas City and I walked into the first bar I saw and sat down to have a beer.  I looked to my left and there sat the most beautiful woman I had ever seen!  I asked her if I could buy her a drink, she said yes, and we started talking and talking and talking until she said she was going to a party and had to leave. May I come, too?”, he asked.  Then he looked at me and said, “we were never apart after that night.”  They were married on my first birthday and it lasted til her death 54 years later.

Scan 8

This is a family picture with Grandma first in front, Mom, me and in back my cousin, Beth being held by my Dad then Bob and Beth’s Dad.

I’m writing this, my first blog post, because Bob was career Navy; a Seabee and I am so very proud of him.  He is 90 years old and still the funniest, most loving and optimistic man I know.

Grandma always kept his uniform starched to perfection and his shoes were the shiniest I had ever seen!!  Going to the yearly ball was a favorite and he always brags that he can still wear his first uniform!!

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